Friday, November 9, 2012

William Wallace Raymond

William Wallace Raymond (1824-1881)
Attached below is a really interesting bit of history from Kim's 3rd great-grandfather:

Vision of the Spirit World

Recorded by John CARVER - Patriarch
Plain City, Weber County, Utah
August 2, 1881 Knowing that many would like to know of the vision that was given to Elder W. W. RAYMOND August 2, 1881, I write it as follows. Early in the forenoon of the same day I was called to go and see him as he was very sick and appeared strange. After talking for some length of time with him about his affliction and what he had suffered the night previous, he said he did not think that he could stand it another night, but prayed to the Lord and had talked with Him as a child would talk with a father on earth and was satisfied that He would answer his prayers. I left the room about 12 o'clock and returned at half past two in the afternoon and found him more strange than ever. I also noticed him watching the clock and often asking what time it was. (One of the family informed me that he had said there would be a change in him about 3 o'clock.) At that time he became more feeble and desired to lay on the bed. He called his family to his bedside. He lay there about half an hour, we stood by thinking every breath would be the last, his feet were cold, eyes dull and countenance much changed, but to our great surprise he arose from his bed and said, "I am a well man no more sick, am all right", his appearance demonstrated the truth of his statement. He said: "You do not know where I have been. I have been to the Spirit World and have seen many things and many people that I know. I saw Joseph and Hyrum SMITH, Brigham YOUNG and members of the twelve that are dead. I also saw my parents, children and many of our neighbors. One sister from this place, with whom I was personally acquainted, had charge of a number of small children similar to a class in Sunday School. But I did not see any that did not belong to the church but was informed that they could come and visit friends but not stay." "They live in beautiful cities, with fine streets paved as it were with fine carpet but it was rock. The inhabitants are numerous and are natural so much so that I could distinguish them by their nationality. They all look young and beautiful and dress quite natural and the material looks like white silk. They eat, drink and hold meetings as we do, and I ate with them." "They all live in perfect order, such I have never seen on earth and move quite natural from place to place, but I did not see any one riding, but was informed that there were conveyances whenever they desire to go a distance." "Brother Joseph SMITH presides over the Latter-Day Saints. Brother Hyrum SMITH has the marks of the bullets and will wear them as Jesus to show that he fell a martyr for the truth." "Outside of the beautiful cities are lovely parks abounding with all kinds of animals. The people are acquainted with our doings on earth but they said it was not wisdom for us to know much about them. Society is graded something as we are but money and this world's plenty does not constitute the grade but it is governed by ability and position in the Holy Priesthood." "Should any doubt my veracity let them ask any question and I will answer it to satisfy any reasonable person. But with all I have seen I am still mortal and subject to imperfections and I did not have the promise of getting well or that I should tarry long on earth." After Brother RAYMOND had said what I have written and answered numerous questions to relatives and friends, he put his hat on and went out in the orchard and then returned when his former affliction in part returned. He lived one week after seeing this vision.

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