Sunday, November 4, 2012

George Hoskins in first grade

We are now viewing a first grade class from the year 1906.  There are so many interesting things to look at here!  One of the first things that I notice is the size of the class.  I count 10 students in each row with 5 rows.  50 Students!!  Amazing!!  This classroom is so crowded that one little girl in front has no desktop to write on.  At the front of the classroom is a wood or coal stove with a guard around it to  prevent burns.  Also there is a BIG sandbox for the kids to play in.  The flags at the rear of the classroom are impressively displayed.  I think I recognize George Washington in the art on the walls (along with several lovely ladies).  My grandfather, George Hoskins, is in the second row from the right - he's the third student back.  Times and teaching methods have surely changed!!

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