Thursday, November 8, 2012

Joseph Hyrum Martin and Edward Jenkins Martin

Joseph Hyrum Martin and Edward Jenkins Martin
These two young men are the two youngest sons of John and Anna Martin (previous post) and are siblings to my great-grandmother Catherine Anna Hoskins. John and Anna Martin had 11 children in total, Ed was number 9 in the birth order and Joe was number 10 - with their birth years 1881 and 1883 respectively.  Oftentimes these boys lived with other family members when they could to avoid their strict father.

Standing: Emma Hawkins Martin, Elizabeth Richards Martin
Seated: Edward Jenkins Martin, Joseph Hyrum Martin
Edward Martin and his wife Emma had 7 children and are buried in the Ogden cemetery.  Joseph and his wife Elizabeth remained in the Samaria area and were parents of 5 children.  They are buried in the cemetery in Samaria.

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