Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heber James Wilson

This is the first post that I've done without a photo.  I don't have a photo of my great-grandfather, Heber James Wilson.  I've tried without success to come up with a photo.  If any of you cousins happen to have one, I'd love to see it.

Heber James Wilson

Heber James Wilson son of Robert Wilson and Mary Ann Baldwin was born August 28, 1860 at Salt Lake City, Utah.  In the year 1861 his father was called by the church to go to Santa Clara.  He took his three wives, his first wife Mary Ann Baldwin and two Blood girls and moved to Santa Clara, Washington County, Utah.  The two Blood girls refused to stay in such a desolate, forsaken place.  So Robert left May Ann and her family at Santa Clara and he and the Blood girls returned to Salt Lake City.

The family consisted of Robert the eldest son, who took his place as head of the family, Richard Almira, Lenora, George and Heber James the baby.  Under the most trying of circumstances did this lovely pioneer woman and her children struggle for their existence. Heber James was grown before he knew what a pair of shoes were. They lived chiefly on bread and molasses.  The heat was terrific.  The lizards would flop over on their backs to cool their stomachs as they ran from the shade of one bush to another.  The children herded the cows barefoot.  Robert shared no responsibility in the raising of this family.  In fact the children only saw their father three times during his life time.  He visited them at Santa Clara when Heber James was 4 years old, at their mother’s funeral, at the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple. Heber James never knew any of his half brothers or sisters until he was grown. Then he met a half sister and brother in Idaho.

After Heber James mother’s death, which was caused by heat stroke, the family moved.  Bob married and moved to Kanab, where he lived until his death.  The other children went to Escalante, Utah.  Heber James wandered into Wayne County and in the year 1884 married Emma Jane Coleman in the St. George Temple.  Two girls blessed this union, Jane and Mary.  When Mary was 4 days old her mother died from complications of child birth.  No doctor was available and the midwife in attendance was unable to render the assistance needed.  Their Grandmother Coleman took the motherless little girls and loved and mothered them as her own. 

In the year 1888, September 17 at the Manti Temple, Heber married Mary Jane Perkins.  12 children were born to them.  Four boys and eight girls.  Nine of which grew to man and woman hood.  Heber James filled a mission to Great Britain between years of 1897-1899. He made many friends and converts.  He was honorably released after 26 months of labor.  He often said this was the happiest time of his life, because he was able to live his religion best at this time.  He was Bishop of the Giles and Teasdale Wards for years.  He then served as High Councilman until he moved to Monticello, San Juan County, in the year 1916.  He was also active in Civic affairs.  He was sheriff in both counties and various other public offices.  He made several trips in to the Robbins Roast and captured some of the bad men and brought them out to be tried and found guilty.

He was respected by all classes for his honesty, fearlessness and his courage to do what he thought was right.  A the age of 74 years he died, June 10, 1935, after poor health for two years caused from a stroke.  He was survived by his wife Mary Jane and 10 children.

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  1. Leslie -- Great work. I will ask around in the Christensen side of the family for a photo but have not seen one.

    BTW -- he captured the outlaws in the Robbers Roost area between Green River and Hanksville.

    Charles Loveridge