Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letter from prison camp

The attached letter was written November 29, 1944, by Chad Stephens from prison camp in Germany.  The letter was received by Chad's parents on March 24, 1945.  It's amazing that the letter came through at all.  The text is as follows:
Dear Folks:
My last letter to you this month.  We are getting ready for our thanksgiving and although it won't be anything as good as those I've had to date, it will be fair.  Guess we'll have two slices of bread, 5 spoons of potatoes, half can of spam, 3 spoons of peas and I'm going to make a kriege raisen cake.  Guess I've celebrated Thanksgiving in a number of ways now.  I hope that business is still holding up ok and that you aren't worked too hard.  I feel pretty good and outside of losing some weight I am fine.  Guess you'll get this about time for Cris's birthday.  Please take some money from my account and buy her a nice present.  Also a nice bunch of flowers.  Do that for all the birthdays of Diane etc.  Hope you had a nice Xmas.  Diane if you want to go to school after you graduate I'll talk business with you so be thinking of it.  Hope gpa and all are fine.  Give them my regards.  We have to stand inspection every Saturday.  Also inclose some bars (2nd Lt.) and insignia.  Well that's all today.  Love, Chad

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