Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elizabeth Matthewman Elliott & daughters

This is Kim's 2nd great grandmother, Elizabeth Matthewman Elliott, and her daughters. Standing are Sarah Elliott Jones, Lillian Eliott Thomas.  Seated are Alice Elliott Stephens,  Elizabeth Matthewman Elliott, Annie Elliott Ricks.  Elizabeth was the mother of 9 children, she had 5 sons first and then her 4 daughters.  This photo was taken about the mid 1880's and although you can't see it on the frame, the embossing says that this photo was taken in Blackfoot, Idaho.  Elizabeth's husband, John, passed away in England and Elizabeth came to the Rexburg area of Idaho with her 9 children - amazing! 
Standing: Annie, Alice
Seated: Sarah, Elizabeth, Lillian
This photo was taken later in life with Elizabeth and her daughters.  Elizabeth passed away in 1930 and is buried in the Grove City Cemetery, Blackfoot, Idaho.

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