Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lorenzo Campbell

My great-grandmother, Catherine Anna Martin Hoskins, known to others as Katie, was married three times.  Her first two husbands died way too young, leaving her a widow.  I will post more about my great-grandmother later, but today I want to talk about her first marriage.  Katie married Lorenzo (or Lorenso) Campbell in January of 1886.  She was 18 years old and Lorenzo was 21.  Both of their families had come to the Samaria-Malad area of Idaho from Utah.  Welsh families congregated together in the Malad and Samaria areas.  The Campbell last name is definitely not Welsh, but Lorenzo's mother was born in Wales.  After a year of marriage, Lorenzo and Katie became the parents of Mary Anna Campbell in January of 1887.  Lorenzo's mother was named Mary and Katie's mother was Anna, so the name probably came from those family members.  The little daughter's life was cut short soon after she turned 7 months old.  In 1890 Lorenzo passed away too - so the couple only had 4 short years together.  The photo above shows the headstone for father and daughter.  The top name, Jonathan Campbell, is Lorenzo's brother who died at the age of 7, then baby Mary is listed and last is Lorenzo.  This headstone is in the Malad Cemetery. 

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