Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amina Raymond Stephens and children

Amina Raymond Stephens, Almira Almeda Stephens,
William Wallace Stephens and Sarah Amina Stephens
This is Amina Raymond Stephens and her first three children.  The photo was taken approximately 1878, judging by the age of the youngest child.  The baby was called "Meda" by the family, the oldest son was "Will", and the little girl was always called "Sadie".  All 3 of these children were born in Ogden, Utah, so most likely the photo was taken in Ogden, before the family made the long, arduous trip by wagon to their new home at Menan, Idaho.  Will's history says that he walked barefoot all the way from Ogden to Menan and with his half-brother John drove the milk cows.  John was 10 years old and Will was 8 at that time.  It took from June 25 to July 2 (1879) to make the trip. 

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