Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Year's Day

Another great postcard from my great-grandmother's (Katie Hoskins - aka Catherine Ann Hoskins) album.  The postmark date is not clear, but the card was mailed to "Mr. J.W. Hoskins, Kiona, Wash." and the text reads, "Hello Wilse how are you we are well  Calvin and Edith are here  will write you soon  Katie"
Mr J.W.Hoskins (Wilse) was James Wilson Hoskins and the postcard was written prior to Katie and Wilse's marriage in 1911.  Edith was Katie's youngest sister.  She and her husband Calvin Williams had one child together that they named "Katie Mae" in tribute to Edith's oldest sister.  Grandma Hoskins (Katie the eldest) cared for Edith and Katie Mae as Edith's health failed.  Edith died in 1922 and her illness involved some kind of mental struggle - perhaps alzheimers or something to that effect.  Edith is buried in an unmarked grave in the Hoskins plot in Montpelier, Idaho.

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