Saturday, December 8, 2012

Asa Walters and Sarah Wescott Walters

Sarah Jane was born in England, 1816.  She was known as “Janey.”  As a young girl she left England and went to St. Heliers on the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands to work as a domestic on the Mont a l’Abbe estate.  There she met Asa Walters, a gardener for the estate.  They were married at the Church of England parish church in St. Heliers on April  7, 1840.

In late 1849 missionaries came to the island.  Asa was baptized on December 13, 1849 by Elder Dunbar.  A few months later Elder Dunbar returned and baptized Jane in St. Aubin’s Bay on march 8, 1850.  The couple, along with their children were stalwarts in the St. Heliers Branch for years.

On June 24, 1868, Jane, her husband, and four of their children sailed for New Orleans on the ship “Constitution.”  They joined a wagon train, the John Gillespie County, bound for the Great Salt Lake in Missouri.  Shortly after arriving in the Salt Lake Valley on September 15, 1868, they continued on to settle in Tooele, Tooele County, Utah.

Jane and Asa were parents of nine children, all born in St. Heliers.  They were active in their community and their faith.  Asa passed away on February 7, 1896 in Tooele.

Sarah was a widow for four years.  She passed away on February 11, 1900 at age eighty-three and is buried by Asa in Tooele, Utah.

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