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Mary Ingrid Anderson Neilson

Mary Ingrid Anderson Neilson
Mary Ingrid Anderson was born November 11, 1915 in Thomas, Idaho.  She didn’t feel like they suffered much during the depression, because they lived on a farm and had milk, eggs and butter.
When Ingrid’s father was on the school board, he would periodically drop into the Wilson School House to check and see how the teachers were doing and how the kids were learning.  On one of his visits, he found Ingrid sitting in school with her coat on.  He got after her and told her to take her coat off.  She couldn’t take the coat off because she had forgotten to put her dress on.  She had to go home at noon and put her dress on.  Ingrid was always running around the house in her slip.  She would get home from school and take off her dress and wear her slip around the house.  In the morning, the same thing—she would wear her slip and only put on her dress before she left. She wore dresses all the time, because her father said he had enough boys in the family he didn’t want to see her wearing pants.
She went to school in a four room school house, from first to eighth grade.  She graduated from High School and went on to Utah State University to get a degree in Education.  At Utah State University she met Lee Vannoy Neilson.  They were married in the Salt Lake Temple June 2, 1941.
Ingrid and Lee moved around the first part of their marriage.  Kelvin was born in Lordsburg, New Mexico; Norman was born in Tucson, Arizona, DeLoy, Mary Karen, Lyle and Hal were all born in Richfield, Utah. They lived in Colorado for a time and also in Salt Lake City before moving to Ogden. Ingrid had a pretty hard life.  She taught school most of her married life.  Lee was away from the home for much of the time selling.
Ingrid worked hard.  She was a good homemaker.  She learned to crochet, quilt, sew and cook from her mother Mary Wilson Anderson.
Ingrid took care of the family very well.  She saw her children go through many hard things, but she was always cheerful and ready to take on the challenge.
Ingrid died July 8, 1993, in Ogden, Utah, at the age of 78.  She was buried in Thomas, Idaho, July 10, 1993

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