Sunday, January 6, 2013

Catherine Davies (Davis) Wilson

What an amazing world we live in!!!!  A decendant of Catherine Davies (Davis) Wilson recently contacted me.  He is living in the UK and spotted my post on Robert Wilson on this humble little blog.  It was so exciting to be able to correspond!!  I'm guessing that we would be 4th cousins.  His family remained in England and he has been bitten by the family history bug.  He sent a copy of this obit.  Thanks so much, David!

Catherine was Robert Wilson's mother.  I must not have tumbled to the fact that she immigrated to America, because in my mind I thought that Robert was the first (and only) immigrant in his family, but several of his siblings also came.  Catherine was an early pioneer, but the Daughters of Utah Pioneers do not have a history written on her (here's an opportunity for someone).

The internet is a wonderful, marvelous tool for genealogists!!!!!

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