Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elizabeth Matthewman Elliott and 2 great-grandsons

Circa 1926, this photo shows Elizabeth Matthewman Elliott and two of her great-grandsons.  Elizabeth is approximately 89 years old in this photo - pretty old for the 1920s.  She lived to be 92 years old.  The grandsons are Dean Stephens and Chad Stephens.
I like the little suits on the boys, they look like they were made from the same pattern, which would be totally possible, as I know that Chad's mother was a wonderful seamstress, so her sister was most likely a seamstress too.  These two boys were double cousins, their mothers were sisters and their fathers were brothers, and the families lived across the street from one another.  
I also like Grandma Elliott's polka dot dress - the proper grandma length for the 20's when hemlines rose for the younger generation, but not for the great-grandmothers.
The car parked in front of the house is a classic too.

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