Sunday, October 7, 2012

What a find!!!!

Standing:  Betsy Smith Goodwin, Robert Bain, Mary Smith Anderson
Seated: May Bain Murdock, Margery May McEwan Bain Smith, Jane Smith Coleman
Lookie, lookie what I found!!  I think my heart stopped beating for a minute when I saw this image!!  I didn't think that I would ever live long enough to see this photo or any photo featuring my 3rd great grandmother, Margery May McEwan Bain Smith. 

I was listening to general conference (the final speaker, Pres. Monson was closing the session) and I was also working on my family history - multi tasking, you know - when I found this image at I apologize to Pres. Monson, I don't think I heard too much of his final speech - I was too blown away.

The best thing is that May's (living) children are with her and my 2nd great grandmother is sitting right beside her.  Only another genealogist would know the total thrill that I feel at seeing this photo for the first time!!  It puts a face on someone that I've only read about.  I've often thought about this family and what they endured as handcart pioneers to Utah from Scotland.  What they did was simply amazing and I feel so grateful for their sacrifices.
I'm also grateful to the person who posted the photo and said that anyone could use it for their family history.  That sharing attitude is so common among family history nerds.  The first thing that I wanted to do was share the photo with my family.  I'm thinking that a blog might be the best way to share with everyone.  (Please pardon my feeble attempts to blog - I'm a total beginner!)  Hopefully there will be more fun stuff to come.


  1. Being "family history nerds", we TOTALLY appreciate your comments and emotions regarding this find!! So grateful that you and Kim feel so strong about your family ties and are willing to invest your time and resources to preserve the family heritage and allow the rest of us to enjoy too. I've got some additional info we'd like to share for more postings, so drop us a note at when you can.

    Eric & Jen Emfield

  2. Jane Smith Coleman is my great-great something-or-other. Somehow my uncle found this picture and my grandma is interested in getting a copy if you can point us in the right direction!

    Thanks, Jenna

    My grandma is Melba email: