Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family home of Ingrid and Anders Anderson

The family home of Ingrid and Anders Anderson
This photo, taken most likely between 1910 and 1920 shows Ingrid and Anders Anderson, seated second and third from left.  The others pictured are most likely Andrew Anderson and his family, since they shared the home.  I'm not having the best success trying to identify the individuals and would really appreciate any input from anyone who could help.
Both my father and his cousin, Bish, independently verified that they knew the home well.  They both mentioned that this negative has been flip-flopped when printed.  Both of them remembered the summer kitchen at the left of the photo (which is no longer standing.)


  1. I'm naming the picture "Summer Kitchen" after what everyone you asked talked about it. I told Chris this story, and now every time this picture pops up on our computer there is a mention of summer kitchens not being there anymore.

  2. Is this home still standing? if so, where is it? I would love to visit it.:)

    1. The home is still standing. The current occupants have done quite a bit of remodeling. The address is 886 W 100 S, Blackfoot, Idaho.