Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tell My Story Too!

After I found this photo three days ago, on Sunday (see the older post for that day), I was so pumped that it needed to be shared.  I love the work that has been done in compiling the pioneer histories, but no one had shared much information on this family.  I decided to try to contact Jolene Allphin, the author of "Tell My Story Too".  See this website:
I received a reply today:

Hello Leslie,
It is really good to hear from you. I would love to have more information about Jane and her mother and any other family members for which you may have information and photos.  My book is, for the most part, a compilation of biographical sketches of individual pioneers, with brief statistical data about the rest of the family (if they were in a family). It is compiled this way for the needs of pioneer treks where each participant takes an individual story and walks for that person. Typically, if one member of a family wrote an account, such as Betsy Smith did, that is the family member I chose for the biography. However, I also titled some of the bios with someone in the family who died, such as Archibald McPhail. That way, in the trek reenactments, if a trekker is carrying the name or story of someone who died on the trail, that can also be reenacted. For instance, if a trek group is crossing Rocky Ridge, and a trekker has Archibald's story, the "trek family" can reenact losing a family member by pulling that person off the handcart for awhile and not allowing him to either help or talk to his family. On all the treks I've been on, it's a very effective way to soften the hardest of hearts and allow the participant to feel and be taught by heavenly influences.
Anyway, you will be happy to know that there is a new book that I am co-authoring with Andrew Olsen, who wrote the wonderful comprehensive book The Price We Paid. The new book will include most of the artist, Julie Rogers', paintings of these 1856 rescued pioneers. Julie is currently working on paintings representing the Bain/Smith families and Brother Olsen has already written the first draft of the narrative for their family. It includes three paragraphs specific to Jane Smith Coleman. We need her picture to include, and planned to get it from the DUP Museum if we couldn't find one from the family before publishing. (Currently Deseret Book is working with us on publishing this.)
I have recently identified on a map how to get to the location on the pioneer trail that Robert Bain and Betsey both describe as 3 miles west of the Green River crossing where they first met. It is a sacred site and I am anxious to go there. As a matter of fact, I would love to take you with me if we could coordinate that sometime.
Jolene Allphin
I'm pumped for the new book - and it would be soooo cool to visit the site that Jolene referred to!!!

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