Sunday, October 14, 2012

Siblings of Neils Anderson

Andrew and Emma Anderson
The oldest child of Anders and Ingrid Nilsson is Andrew Anderson.  (Andrew is the anglicized version of the name Anders.)  He was born May 13, 1876, in Holliday, Salt Lake, Utah.  When he was 21 he was called to fill a mission to the Northern States.  He traveled without purse or script.
On February 27, 1901, he married Emma Christina Okeson, who was also born in Holliday of Swedish immigrant parents.  Both Andrew and Emma's parents left Sweden and came to America as converts to the LDS church.
In 1906, Anders and Ingrid and the other children moved to Thomas, Idaho.  Soon afterward Andrew and Emma joined them and moved to Idaho.
Both Andrew and Emma were active in the church.  Andrew served as canal watermaster and cemetery sexton.   Andrew passed away suddenly in 1935.  Emma cared for her mother-in-law Ingrid until Ingrid passed away in 1944. 

Andrew and Emma's first child, Emma Ardella passed away when she was only a few months old.  The photo here shows Andrew and Emma with Ingrid Leone, Martin Lloyd, Andrew Willis and the baby is Orvilla Elaine.  Emma and Andrew later became parents of Hazel Delores, Sadie Camilla and Kermit Randall. 
Emma passed away in 1962.  Both Andrew and Emma are buried in the Riverside-Thomas Cemetery.

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