Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mary Wilson Anderson as a child

This photo is in pretty poor shape, but must have been much loved.  I like it a lot because the little girl at the far left is smiling - something that you just don't see in old photos. I was told when I received the photo - and I don't even remember now how it came to me - that it was a photo of Mary Wilson Anderson when she was a small child.  Someone has taken the time to painstakingly hand color the dresses of the two girls in front.  They have also put a bit of color into the children's cheeks and lips - which says to me that this photo was important to  someone.  My guess is that the woman pictured at the back is a great-grandmother with her great-grandchildren. 
These women are the two great grandmothers of Mary Wilson Anderson who would have been living at the time she was a small child.  The one on the left is Sarah Thornton Coleman, the one on the right is May McEwan Bain Smith.  I can't tell which woman is pictured as the great-grandmother, so I'm finding it difficult to figure out the possibilities of which family the great-grandchildren belong to. 
Mary Wilson Anderson was born in January of 1888 and her older sister Jane was born in August of 1886 so the two girls are only separated in age by a year and 5 months.  Many people have mentioned to me that Mary and Jane had a strong resemblance to each other.  If I had to guess, I would suppose that the smiling little girl on the left is Mary and her sister Jane is the third child from the left in the front row.  Please give me some feedback if you have any thoughts - I would love to hear what anyone else would guess.

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