Monday, February 25, 2013

Mae Hoskins Ott

Mae Hoskins Ott
Mae was the youngest sister of my great-grandfather, William Hoskins.    There were 10 children in the family and Mae's mother, Samantha Wilson Hoskins, passed away when Mae was 2 years old.  The father, Thomas Hoskins, couldn't care for all of the children and earn a living too, so the familly was broken apart and many of the younger kids went to live with other families.  Mae went to live with her mother's sister, Margaret Wilson Klopp.  She was raised in Hardin County, Iowa,  and was often far away from her father (he moved to Nebraska), but there were lots of extended family members who still lived in the little town of Robertson, Iowa.  She married Daniel Ott and was living in Spirit Lake, Idaho, in 1910.  Daniel and Mae eventually moved to Spokane where they spent the rest of their lives.  They were the parents of two sons, Daniel Gordon Ott and George William Ott.  Neither of the sons had any children - so there are no living descendants now. Mae passed away in 1930 and her husband, Daniel, lived until 1952. To see another photo of Mae, see the post from December 14, 2012. 

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